‘Game changing’ cancer database pushes fight against disease forward

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The world’s largest cancer database will be launched in the UK today, in what experts are calling a “game-changing” stride forward in the fight against the disease.

Millions of patient records containing detailed information on individual cancers and how they have been treated will be available to specialists around the country, paving the way for highly personalised treatment of individual patients.

“This is game-changing,” Jem Rashbass, who led the project at Public Health England, told The Times. “This puts us at the forefront of cancer care for the next two decades.”

“In effect every cancer patient has a rare disease that is different in some way from another cancer. This allows us to carry out refined searches to see how other tumours have responded to identify the optimum treatment as early as possible.”

Relatris‘s insight:

Great to have such a database. The big challenge will be to use it meaningfully, so to not only have good search algorithms, but to draw the right conclusions out of the results. Then, this will be a powerful tool!

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